ScotWind developers collaborate on regional compensation measuresTwo researchers conduct a study on the Marramwind coastline.

CampionWind is pleased to have collaborated with 11 other projects in the East and Northeast ScotWind regions to produce a report examining potential regional ornithological compensation measures that could be deployed at scale and contribute to the increased resilience of seabird populations in Scotland.

This important study was carried out by RHDHV, Hi-Def Consulting and with input from Nima Consultants. Read the study.

The report highlights the challenge the industry is facing in delivering offshore wind at scale under the current regulations.

The developers are pleased the Scottish Government has launched its Joint Environmental Accelerator Project (JEAP) initiative and are keen to continue the proactive, collaborative work to ensure these projects deliver real environmental benefit as well as delivering net zero.

The developers involved believe that significant focus on this issue is essential to delivering Scotland’s 2045 net zero targets and realising the wider benefits of ScotWind.
Continued collaboration between all stakeholder groups to devise a practicable and appropriate approach to compensation measures is vital if our net zero, energy security, and local supply chain ambitions are to become reality.

Projects involved: Ossian, Bellrock, Morven, CampionWind, MarramWind, Muir Mhòr, Ayre, Bowdun, Stromar, Caledonia, Broadshore, Buchan.